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Terms and conditions – webhosting HUKOT.CZ

Servers owned by SecurityNet.cz s.r.o.


User of service is natural or legal person, which has ordered service from provider in Czech republic, which is SecurityNet.cz s.r.o., U Velorexu 1301, 564 01 Žamberk, IČ: 27501418, DIČ: CZ27501418, hereinafter SecurityNet.cz. Contract between SecurityNet.cz and user come in efficiency by accepting by provider or by signing of contract.


SecurityNet.cz grants requestor žadateli non-exclusive access right to server of SecurityNet.cz via internet protocols, under the conditions specified in this document. The user is obliged to pay all costs associated with the use of the service, or install the software on his computer and the prices paid for particular applications and services. SecurityNet.cz assumes no responsibility for errors compliance with legal and other actions related to the user's service. Access to service can be established by using identification code of user and entry password. User is obliged to keep this password in secret and not to proceed it to 3rd persions. In case of loosing, destroying or other compromising of rights to use password is user obliged to report the fact to SecurityNet.cz immediately, hence assumes responsibility for every misusage of service with usage of lost ident code to the moment, when the fact has been reported. The user is obliged to maintain safety measures for choosing a password, as communicated to him by the operator. The user has access to all the information contained in applications and services on which the service applies. SecurityNet.cz may allocate some areas for receiving and storing information obtained from third parties, or for non-public information, or to initiate other specific activities designed for a limited number of users (closed user group), on dates, hours and tariff rates agreed that a closed user group. With the exception of areas designated for loading user information and public areas, where the name of the title allows the user is not authorized without prior permission SecurityNet.cz store data in these columns. SecurityNet.cz has the exclusive right to correct, modify or delete any information distorting system, or information that is in violation of these terms and conditions with the exception of e-mail embedded by anyone. SecurityNet.cz has the right but not the obligation, to delete any public message that from its point of view would be contrary to the provisions of Article VI. these terms and conditions. In special cases of network congestion data volume shipped by the customer, SecurityNet.cz reserves the right to negotiate prices and possibly their adjustments. Refusal to negotiate prices is considered a gross violation of terms and conditions.


User is the data owner, data files he entered into the system or other web information systems, in which the user has access and the rights of the resulting. SecurityNet.cz is committed to non-public data entered by the user technically protected against misuse by third parties. SecurityNet.cz assumes no responsibility for published texts in the public, private or message part, both from third parties, and from the user, if they have not been properly approved in advance, and is not responsible for their content. SecurityNet.cz has sole ownership of all information provided by such companies entered into the system SecurityNet.cz services. Public data and public data of SecurityNet.cz users are freely available and can be for his own use stored in the memory of his computer, analyzed, printed and reproduced on the screen. SecurityNet.cz conferring the right to publish their own information only rarely, in certain specific cases, each case is evaluated and dealt with separately.

In case, when positive opinion is given, SecurityNet.cz provides also date to which this right is valid. In any case, the user to whom the consent was given, is obliged to mention the source and authors of published material. SecurityNet.cz has non-exclusive right to publicly display and transmit the data entered by the user into public service areas through the world by all available means of communication and all languages​​, indicating the name of the user, as a source of information.


User declares that in the event of subsequent storage and dissemination of information contained in each database takes over risks it entails. Services will be provided in such a state and the extent to which they are at the moment of confirmation of order, the content of which expresses the user agreement, while SecurityNet.cz reserves the right replacement functions. It can not be any form of a guarantee over the valid legislation.


SecurityNet.cz, nor any other legal or natural person who participates or participated in the establishment of functional content and services is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, relating to the provision of services. These restrictions remain in force even after the cancellation or termination of use of services.


The user agrees that all information inserted it into the public service is part of the original, with the exception of any excerpts from copyrighted material, which can be entered only with the written consent of the author or the copyright holder, provided the source is acknowledged and confirmed the existence of consent uses. User further agrees that this material is not in violation of a copyright, trademark and patent rights and the rights of third parties. User further acknowledges that the services must not be misused in any way, directly or indirectly causing damage and injury to other persons, disrupt public order and morals, or invade privacy private messages. User undertakes in particular, not in the public area (particularly web services, ftp, email) publish any information containing sexually explicit or otherwise distorting good manners as a stray social order. It is also not possible to use SecurityNet.cz servers to store and display. It is strictly prohibited to use the services SecurityNet.cz in conflict with applicable laws, regulations and laws of the Czech Republic and other States concerned. From the above it also follows that the SecurityNet.cz if the user directly or indirectly by its activities exceptionally straining SecurityNet.cz hardware, go to the right to offer other technical equipment, even under different price conditions than specified in the official SecurityNet.cz price list. SecurityNet.cz also has the right to restrict or completely suspend the operation of the user pages until the user negotiates remedy and its pages are not hardware SecurityNet.cz overload. In the event that a violation of this provision, the contract will be terminated immediately. The user can communicate with the only use devices that do not affect the operation of the service and the rights of third parties. User undertakes to respect the restrictions above and not to use the information contained in the databases SecurityNet.cz for illegal purposes. The user agrees not to assert claims for damages to recover the costs and expenses caused by the SecurityNet.cz as a result of non-compliance and guarantees the user, to which is committed to respecting the adoption of these terms and conditions.


User declares that he will pay all fees for tax services, including the manner and deadlines set SecurityNet.cz.

Termination of service of returning quite often is possible if it is an annual or bi-payments and up to 180 days from registration services, and for reasons which it is a demonstrable fault of the operator hosting a proven repeated service outages.

Go to the preferential tariffs limited action is possible only if the customer has paid a minimum annual payment period.


Hosting is used to run productional web applications and should not be used to develop or test applications. User is obliged to update his applications against new security threats. In case of non-maintaining of OpenSource CMS apps, user is required to remove these from hosting, databases included. By term of unlimited space at webhosting tariffs is meant only data, which are not in contradiction with copyright laws; data is uset do present on particular web or in order to run this site and must be publicly available to all internet users.


It is prohibited to send any mass e-mails on the webhosting, disregard if it is wanted or unwanted by recipients. This limit has been placed to protect e-mails, domains and hosting agains misusing of web application or stealing/abusing e-mail accounts. In case of needs it is possible to incerase these limits for particular service. Request will be assessed by hosting operator. Limits for max number of e-mails from webhosting via PHP function mail() is based on service tariff: Klídeček: 50 e-mails / hr a 50 e-mails / day, Normálka: 50 e-mails / hr a 150 e-mails / day, V pohodě: 200 e-mails / hr a 600 e-mails / day , Hukot: 500 e-mails / hr a 2000 e-mails / day. Limit for max emails via SMTP server mail.hukot.net is based on tariff: Klídeček: domain mail quota 100 e-mailů / day; Normálka: domain mail quota 200 / day, email account quota 100 / day; V pohodě: domain mail quota 700 / day, email account quota 300 / day; Hukot: domain mail quota 2000 / day, email account quota 500 / day


  • a) Service agreement and therefore the conditions set out herein shall come into force on the date of order. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period. The notice period isfor both instantaneous. SecurityNet.cz return aliquot paid for operating costs for unused service period, if the condition is not fulfilled in Article VIII, paragraph b). The contract may be terminated by either party in writing by registered letter or an authorized e-mail.
  • b) SecurityNet.cz be entitled to terminate with immediate effect the service contract or the right of access to the system, and if the user has grossly violated these conditions. The termination agreement does not affect the obligation of the user to pay any claim to the term termination of this contract. Reimbursement is excluded already prepaid.
  • c) SecurityNet.cz has the right to terminate with immediate effect the service contract or the right of access to the system or limit service, if the service at Hukot.cz is misused to generate spam/bulk/mass e-mails, attacks on other services at Hukot.cz, or services of third parties. Termination of the contract does not affect the user's obligation to pay any claims for termination of the term of this contract. By termination of service user is not eligible to any forms of refund and financial compensation may be requested for solving the attack caused consequences.


The transition from the competition: If you want to transfer your service from competing company and get unused period for free (+10% of period bonus) at Hukot.net you have to send us paid invoice issued by primary hosting. This unused period is only limited at 80% of term, rounded to full calendar months. Every started month will be counted as full. Example: In the original hosting you have a service to be paid to the March 5, 2015. At January 1, 2015 you will pay for the service at Hukot.net and requesting transition from the competition. You have to send us original invoice. After validation, your service will be extended for 3 months plus 10% bonus.


SecurityNet.cz has the right to annually, after prior notice, and three months in advance, to change individual prices as well as terms and conditions. In the case that a user with the following modifications expresses its disagreement, he the right, within 30 days from the time he was notified of change, withdraw from the contract. User agrees that any changes cited in this paragraph contract he may be reported as various means available to SecurityNet.cz that include messages via electronic mail or PO Box, information at the website SecurityNet.cz or an letter.

The user is obliged to notify immediately any change that occurred after order confirmation. If the user fails to do so, the right SecurityNet.cz immediately withdraw from the contract.


SecurityNet.cz reserves the right to short-term interruption of servers eg due to accidents, maintenance, repair or replacement of those parts of the system which directly affect the provision of services.

SecurityNet.cz not responsible for service interruptions in the event of third party intervention or force majeure (flood, fire, wind, war, earthquake, etc.) or in the event of failure on devices from third parties, if these facts could not be proven to prevent or not caused by negligence his employees or persons authorized by him.

SecurityNet.cz undertakes to inform the client of any circumstances that prevent the provision of services if he is aware of these facts. If these circumstances are known in advance, SecurityNet.cz agrees about them an e-mail to inform without undue delay so that it can be taken from the customer the necessary measures. This applies especially to business interruption due to system management, power failure, accident, reconstruction of buildings and utility lines or spaces in which services are provided. All customer applications and programs running on servers SecurityNet.cz must be submitted prior to installation SecurityNet.cz responsible personnel for approval.


In the interest of security and data protection and technology, both Parties undertake to respect the confidentiality of any information concerning the operation of their systems against third parties, except for the information officially released.

The contract is not transferable to another person only to the legal successor. The contract may be amended only by mutual agreement, which will be held briefing Electronic-(e-mail). Terms and conditions are an integral part of the binding order SecurityNet.cz services. Service contract may be replaced by a binding electronic (or telephone) order the service specifications, which are annexed to these terms and conditions.


Additional charges:

Name of service Prive w/o VAT
Invoice via email free
Additional IPv4 address  2.5 € / month
Requested change IP  12 €
Invoice via land postal service 4.17 €
Exposure to contract for use of the service 4.17 €
Contract via email free
Contract via land postal service 4.17 €
Requested VPS OS install / reinstall 12 €

Requested work of our administrator Prive w/o VAT
In work hours Mon-Fri from 8 AM to 6 PM  30.40,- € / hour
After work hours Mon-Fri from 8 AM to 6 PM 60.80,- € / hour
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+420 733 127 326

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Phone calls with hidden identity will not be answered.
Phone calls may be monitored
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